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With love for beautiful things the Sarah Lou vision has begun. Sarah Lou fashion jewelry is there to make you feel more comfortable and feminine, whether you are wearing a white T-shirt or a silk dress; a Sarah Lou piece easily goes from a day at work, to an evening out in town and everything in between. We create our collections with high level quality’s so all Sarah Lou jewelry are made by 3 layers 18 karat gold plated silver combined with semi-precious stones.

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Our craftsmanship and handcrafted work are a central focus to our collections. We work with various ateliers all over the world to develop and finish each and every product to utmost perfection by hand in order to deliver a unique jewel .We strive to offer a special experience by using niche jewelry-making techniques each season again. We use the finest materials like semi precious stones and a base of 4 layers 18 karat gold plated silver to create the highest standard.