It’s time to fall in love with jewelry again. From statement earrings to updated classic items, we’ve curated a collection of this festive season’s must have pieces.

Sarah Lou



From the desire to create a piece of jewelry for every style we give the opportunity to choose between different stone types and 18 karat gold color. This way every piece of the Sarah Lou collection is UNIQUE.



By travelling through several parts of the world we were inspired by the pureness and beauty of each country. For example, in Egypt we saw some workers making the most beautiful ART only by hand. We wanted to put that feeling of craftmanship into our earring collection so we asked our best artists to put this “BACK TO BASIC” vision into reality. This Egypt line is therefore made by hand without any electric tools, the old fashion way…..

The old way

These rough hammered handmade gold-plated earrings are made according to the old Egypt method of jewelry factoring. The earrings are easy to wear because of the plain elegant style.

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Don't leaf without it

Detailed with an intricate filigree pattern these leaf earrings are made from gold-plated metal and are surprisingly lightweight so they are easy to wear.

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all night long

These beautiful statement pieces will give a luxury tough to each outfit. The gold-plated earrings are made of pink chalcedony combined with rough agate.

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As Simple as that

Handmade from gold, Sarah Lou’s 'Infinity' hoop earrings stay true to their name by piercing through the lobe in shaped from a handmade single piece of gold. This delicate pair is so easy to slip on with everyday outfits.

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